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Small Animal Care

  • Please note bookings can be occasional, daily, weekly, monthly or annually. 
  • I can care for a wide range of animals from African Greys to hamsters to tropical fish to chickens.
  • It is difficult to include a comprehensive list of services for each small animal as the range is vast but please be assured I will discuss and agree your pets needs during our initial meeting.
  • If I have not had any experience of looking after your species of pet, I will be honest and inform you. 
  • If I feel I am not the best person to look after you pet (I'm thinking snakes!) then I would try to recommend a suitable alternative carer.
  • Your small pet is given just as much attention, respect and care as any other type of pet, there is no hierarchy here.  I no longer have tropical fish but my goodness I remember how much I loved them and the many hours of pleasure I had just watching them.  The same with our dwarf hamsters, loved those little guys, just as much as I love my dogs.  I know how much your pets mean to you.
  • I always treat others peoples pets with the same level of respect, care and attention I would if I were looking after their children.
  • I am fully insured for all the services I provide.

Small Animal Care Prices and Packages

The packages below are a guide to the common requests, if they don't quite suit your needs please contact me to discuss your requirements. Some clients ask for a mixture of visits, a common request is a shorter morning visit (15 minutes) and a longer afternoon visit (30 minutes).  Another request is longer visits on alternate days.  Please be guided by the needs of your pet(s).

15 Minutes a day

1 visit a day 15 minutes package =      £5.00

2 visits a day 15 minutes each time = £10.00

30 Minutes a day

1 visit a day 30 minutes                  =      £8.00

2 visits a day 30 minutes each time =     £16.00

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