Focus Dog Walking and Pet Sitting


We review and update our website and frequent asked questions on a regular basis. In the meantime, if your question isn't answered here or else where on the website please don't hesitate to contact us.


Q. Does the initial consultation cost anything?

No, it is completely free of charge and without obligation.

Q. Does the initial consultation take long?

Not at all. You should allow at least 30 minutes - we are happy to stay longer, you may have lots to tell us about your pet(s) and/or you might want to us ask lots of questions. We fill out a form for each pet, so if you have a lot of pets it might take longer.

Q. Can I book occasional walks/pet sitting or holiday care?

Yes, if you are a new client we would need just one initial consultation. If you are an existing client then you just need to contact us for your booking.

Q. Do you require payment in advance?

Only for home boarding. For occasional dog walking and pet sitting you can leave the payment in an agreed place in your house (we will collect this when we arrive for your appointment). For regular appointments, daily appointments we have found clients prefer to pay weekly, at the end of the week.

Q. Can I pay by standing order/online banking?

Our business account accepts all forms of payment, standing orders are often the easiest way to pay for regular bookings.

Q Does my pet need to be fully vaccinated in order to use your pet sitting and dog walking services?


For pre vaccinated puppies/kittens - we take extra precautions by removing our shoes before we enter the property. We also use sanitising hand gel before we come into contact with your puppy/kitten.

For older dogs/cats - beyond their initial set of injections we respect your decision regarding booster vaccinations. We trust you have discussed your decision with you vet and you review this regularly.

We strongly recommend canine cough injections for any dog that is walked outside it's own environment. Canine cough (also known as kennel cough) can be particularly debilitating for vulnerable dogs such as puppies and senior dogs, it is a relatively inexpensive precaution.

Q. Are my keys safe?

Yes, your keys are annonymised and are kept in an undisclosed location. We are fully insured for key holding.

Q. Are my details safe?

Yes, we take data protection and security very seriously. The limited personal details we hold for you such as dates of appointments, contact details etc are held on an encrypted database. This database is a business package and has the same level of security as banks use. Your pet's details are kept separately from your details.

Q. Can I see your insurance policy?

Yes, we a currently insured with a specialist insurance company. We will give you a copy of our insurance policy at the initial consultation.

Q. Do you charge a cancellation fee?

Our services are highly sought after. We will have reserved our time to be with your pet, arranging our diary and appointments around your session, we will have incurred costs in doing so. However, we try to be as understanding as we can, there maybe odd times when a cancellation is unavoidable. In these cases we will waiver our cancellation fee.

Where a client regularly cancels appointments a cancellation charge will be incurred (initially 70% of the appointment fee, rising to 100%) and payment will be requested in advance of appointments. In the unlikely event of continuous cancellations our services will be withdrawn.


Q. I would like you to walk my dog(s) but I want more than 30 minutes but less than an hour. Can I decide how long the walk/visit lasts?

Yes, absolutely. We tailor our service to your dog(s) requirements.

Q My friend and I would like our dogs to be walked together - can you accommodate this?

Yes, provided they live in close proximity to each other. An initial consultation would be required with each owner.


Q. How long do your cat visits last?

As long or as short as you would like. We will discuss what you think is best for your cat at the initial consultation.

Q. I would like you to sit my cat(s) but I want longer than 30 minutes. Could you stay for longer?

Yes, absolutely. We tailor our service to your cat(s) requirements.

Q. My cat uses a cat flap, what happens if s/he isn't at home or leaves half way through the cat sitting?

Normally, cats get used to a routine very quickly and learn to recognise our vehicles and the sound of our voices etc and come to greet us. They return through the cat flap quite soon after we arrive. Most cats are too busy enjoying the cuddles/strokes and company to even consider leaving half way through the sitting. Some cats may leave for a few minutes to relieve themselves but quickly return for the cuddles. In the unlikely event a cat did not return, (despite our encouragement) we would remain on the property until pet sitting was due to end.

Home Boarding For Small Pets

Q. How much notice do you require for a booking?

We offer a high quality of care, in order to achieve this we only look after a very limited number of pets at any one time. Please allow as much notice as possible in order to avoid disappointment.

Q. Do you require my pet to be vaccinated?

Yes, in particular, we cannot board rabbits without up to date vaccinations.

Q. Do I need an initial consultation for my small pet?

If you live far away then we send out the paperwork when we receive payment for your booking. Ideally we like to see the pet in it's home environment so we can try to replicate that environment when your pet is on it's holidays with us.

Q. What should I bring?

For indoor caged pets you would need to bring your cage. For both indoor and outdoor pets you need to bring their dry food (this avoids tummy upsets). You can bring any toys your pet enjoys playing with. We supplement your pet's diet with fresh vegetables and fruit (where appropriate) and have our own disinfected toys to enrich their stay.

Q. Can I bring more than one pet?

Yes, book in advance to avoid disappointment. Discounts are available for the second/third pets.