Focus Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

Cat Visiting/Sitting

Bookings can be occasional, daily, weekly or monthly. Block bookings will receive a discounted price.

We care for all ages of cats, from kittens to senior cats. You can book us for when you buy a new kitten, for a cat recovery from an illness/operation, for holiday care or for each and every time your cat needs a little extra comfort/care.

Cats can be easily stressed so we let the cat set the pace of the relationship; some cats are immediately friendly and others are more reserved to start with. We become firm friends and a welcome visitor for your cat(s).

Each visit/sitting includes:

  • feeding
  • ensuring fresh water is available,
  • cleaning bowls
  • changing litter
  • grooming
  • stroking and playing

Services such as watering plants, removing letters from sight of doors and windows, opening/closing curtains, bringing in bins are included at no extra charge. Any additional service you require can be agreed at any time.

Cat Prices and Packages

The packages below are a guide to the common requests, if they don't quite suit your needs please contact us to discuss your requirements.

1 visit a day package:

1 -3 cats for = £8.00

4+ cats= £2.00 for additional cat.

2 visits a day package:

1 -3 cats for = £14.00

4+ cats= £2.00 for additional cat.

In this package a household with 4 cats would cost =£16.00

Convalescent Cats

For convalescent cats: medication will be given if required and a call/text to the owner to confirm the condition/health of the cat is offered at no extra cost.