Focus Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

About Us

Focus Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services are a premium pet care service, but this is not offered at a premium cost. We offer a personalised, professional standard of care at an every day price.

What Makes Your Service So Special?

During an appointment our complete focus are your pets. We build up a very trusting and knowledgeable relationship, with both the owner and pets. Our aim is for the owner to feel confident and reassured, and your pet(s) should not notice any difference between the owners care and ours. The transition in care should be seamless and stress free for your pets.

Appointments are tailored to the particular needs of your pet(s). Focus Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services recognises that no two animals are ever the same, a full consultation will ensure that we know all the likes/dislikes and requirements of your pet(s).

Are You More Expensive Than Other Companies?

No, in comparison we are offer low cost dog walking, cat sitting services and small animal care. We also offer discounts on a block bookings.

Services and Packages

We offer a wide range of services and packages and we offer a full range of small animal care.

For the sake of simplicity we have separated the packages into Dog, Cat and Small Animal. However, we recognise that each household can have a mixture of different types of pets. If you have a range of pets you would like to be cared for please contact us for a package quotation, this works out to cost less than combining the individual prices.

What Areas Do You Cover?

We are based in Nab Wood, Shipley. We cover Shipley and the surrounding areas within a 7 mile radius including Cottingley, Wilsden, Keighley, Silsden, Bradford, Baildon, Menston, Otley, Guisley, Thornton, Denholme etc.

Given the quality of our care you may wish us to travel a little further to get to you. If the distance is significant then it may incur a small extra charge (50p per mile), however this is not always the case.